Take up the quill

Fine Feather Heads is happy to accept your contributions. We’re always looking for fresh insights with in-depth but easy-to-read content for our community of readers.

What are we looking for?

  • Stories we haven’t covered yet
  • Stories that inspire and inform
  • Stories that are original and unpublished

We encourage you to read through our site, to get a feel for the stories and find out what’s relevant for our readers.

Our editorial guidelines are:

  • Well-researched articles, with links to reputable sources
  • Brief paragraphs, concise sentences with clear subheads
  • Article length at 800 to 1500 words
  • Posts written on Word Document

Email us your articles along with your name and a link to your social media page, or fill out the form below. And we’ll get back to you as soon as we can if your story has been selected.

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