Long eyelashes can flatter any eye shape and make any eye effortlessly pop. While eye products like mascara or fake eyelashes can easily do that (especially with the help of some eyeliner or eyeshadow), naturally long eyelashes can do it even without makeup. So for people who wear less makeup, finding natural ways to promote eyelash growth is more preferable than applying eyelash makeup every day.

Aside from castor oil, beauty bloggers and celebrities swear by vitamin E oil for eyelashes. It supposedly speeds up hair growth through the nutrients it supplies through the follicles. But just how scientifically accurate is this? We’re here to find out.

What Is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a nutrient that is rich in antioxidants and supports the immune system as well as cell regeneration for the skin and eyes. People ages 14 years old and above should get about 15 milligrams of vitamin E everyday (more if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding), but this shouldn’t be a problem for most people because everyone with a fairly healthy diet usually end up getting their daily recommended dose of vitamin E.

Taking vitamin E suppliments are unnecessary unless you actually have a deficiency, and vitamin E deficiencies are relatively rare as these are usually people with digestive conditions or have low-fat diets. Foods that are rich in vitamin E include green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, eggs, nuts, and fortified foods.

Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Your Eyelashes?

UV lights and sun exposure slowly damage the skin cells. People take vitamin E because it may be beneficial to skin and hair regeneration. While vitamin E may help with the digestive and cardiovascular systems, most use it for its external purposes, hence the reason why vitamin E oil and creams are available for topical use. You can also find cosmetic products like lotion, sunscreen, and makeup fortified with vitamin E.

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Vitamin E oil is a topical form of vitamin E derived from naturally vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables like avocados, almonds, and sweet potatoes. It is believed to make skin look younger due to its possible cell regeneration benefits. So when vitamin E is applied to the skin, it’s believed that the hair follicles also benefit from cell regeneration, and thus grow stronger and longer. When used consistently, it can make your eyelashes appear thicker, longer, and healthier. It can be applied along with other cosmetic products and other skin-enhancing ingredients.

Applying Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is very thick and can either be used on its own (it won’t clog pores despite its consistency) or can be vitamin E oil mixed with other oils like vaseline, coconut oil, or jojoba oil for a thinner moisturizer-like consistency. Make sure your lashes are free of makeup, so do this after showering or washing your face. Alternatively, you can also remove makeup with makeup remover or other alternatives. Using a medicine dropper (or a wand or applicator provided most vitamin E oil bottles), apply a thin layer on your top lash line.

It’s best to apply this before going to bed especially if you’re using it with its thick consistency. Wait at least 20 minutes before laying down to prevent the oil from transferring to your pillow. If you try using it in the morning, you may have a difficult time applying mascara or other eye makeup products. This method works for both women and men who want long eyelashes. You may start to see results after two to four weeks, but keep in mind that you’ll have to be consistent in putting vitamin E oil at least three to four times a week. One missed week can completely slow down and hinder your results.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Aside from longer eyelashes, vitamin E oil has anti-aging and skin conditioning properties. This can help with hyperpigmentation (if used together with vitamin C), wrinkles, aging, acne scars, and chapped lips.

However, it’s best to first test out a small sample of vitamin E oil on your skin before placing it on your eyelashes as you may have allergies to it. If you’re prone to pimple breakouts or pore clogging, vitamin E oil can make it worse. Visit a local dermatologist to treat your skin conditions first or see if it’s safe for you to put vitamin E oil on despite your allergies.

Where to Buy Vitamin E Oil

You can normally find vitamin E oil in your local drugstores, pharmacies, cosmetic stores, beauty supply stores, supermarkets, and groceries. If you can’t find it in any physical store, you can find it on online stores like Amazon. Some vitamin E oil products come in purely vitamin E bottles, while others are mixed with other oils and scents. Vitamin E oil costs between $10 to $20, depending on the brand, bottle size, and additional ingredients.

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If you’re still uncertain about trying vitamin E oil on your eyelashes, the best thing to do is consult your dermatologist to find out more. They can tell you if your skin and lashes have any condition that could hinder vitamin E oil from speeding up lash growth.

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