couple on a roadtrip
couple on a roadtrip

Make Your Road Trips More Comfortable

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Other countries have eased their travel restrictions to let the tourism industry bounce back from the damage they took after months of lockdowns due to the recent global pandemic. For that reason, most drivers are already planning for an epic, long road trip together with their family or friends.

Make the necessary preparations and plan beforehand. That’s especially important if you’re using your new car for a long road trip with your family or friends. Everyone wants to stay comfortable on the road. The last element a driver should focus on is finding the nearest auto repair shop to have their car fixed — no one wants that to happen.

Like any typical trip through commuting, preparation is a must before you hop onto your car and drive your way to your destination.  Here are the preparations you must do before you hit the road for days.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

It will be a comfortable and enjoyable road trip if you know your car is well-cleaned before leaving your garage. You should thoroughly clean your vehicle from top to bottom, including the interiors. Dust and dirt circulating inside an air-conditioned car can cause allergic reactions within a day on the trip.

As you go further with the trip, you should also take some time to wipe off the accumulated dirt.

Maintenance Check For Your Car

At least a day before the planned road trip, lend some time to check your car’s fluids (brake, oil, wiper, and transmission), tire pressure, and tire treads. Check your car’s tire using a penny. Place a penny at the center tread of your tire. If only half of Lincoln’s head appears, it means the tire is still in good shape.

Otherwise, it would help if you replaced it immediately.  For wiper blades, replace them only if they make noises and leave streaks on your windshield.

Plan For Your Route

Now that you are done cleaning and checking your car’s condition start planning on your route. Look for a stopover where you can gas up, use a bathroom, eat meals, and take a rest safely. Old maps are long gone. Use your smartphone instead. Maximize the tools available to help you find the cheapest gas station and the best diner within your range.

You should take a stopover every 100 miles to stop the car from overheating and hurting your back for sitting over a long period. Finding an alternative route and staying away from heavy-traffic highways troublesome areas should also be part of your planning.

kid and dog with luggage

Pack The Right Stuff

Regardless of whether you are going alone or with a companion on your road trip, pack only the things you need and those appropriate for a typical vacation. Pack only light and breathable clothing and avoid baggy ones. Bring some blankets, pillows, and towels with you, and do not forget your toiletries.

Never carry prohibited substances such as alcohol and drugs.  The main point of packing correctly is to keep everything easy to carry and avoid overloading your car, which compromises gas mileage and stability.

Book Ahead of Time

If you wish to stay in a safer place once it gets dark, you should book an inn, hostel, or motel beforehand to avoid searching for a place to stay in the middle of the night. One of the benefits of booking ahead of time is that most properties will offer discounts and perks to their customers.

When making a reservation, make sure you read the reviews and check the rates they offer. The last element you want to deal with is paying too much for a one-night stay and ending up with only gas money left.

Drive Safe

Now, you are ready to hit the road! Be a defensive driver during long rides. Follow road and traffic signs to avoid apprehension from law enforcers and delay your trip. When on wide and open highways, maintain speed to keep your gas mileage high. Be cautious of your surroundings because you might get lost in unfamiliar places.

While leisure travel is now allowed in some cities and countries, you should not be complacent because we are still at the pandemic’s peak. Unlike the pre-pandemic times, anyone can go anywhere at any time. With COVID-19 still around, planning your trip can mean you value your safety and others as well.

You can still enjoy your vacation in the places you wish to travel during the height of the pandemic while keeping everyone safe. Start making your plans now.

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